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    We have been one of the leading companies in our industry for decades. Our vision: active and passionate support of our customers in the development of innovative mobility and drive concepts.

From Washer Producer to Innovative Solution Specialist

Welcome to Wöhrle!

Michael Fahrenbach, Wöhrle’s CEO: “We are the specialist when it comes to precision stamped parts, drawn parts and assemblies at the highest technological level. Our motivated team develops innovative solutions, focussing on application areas and with an eye for the essentials. Megatrends and major challenges in electrification must be mastered quickly and sustainably. We offer you more than 90 years of experience and passionate entrepreneurship. An appreciative and cooperative relationship with business partners and employees has been another important factor in our decades of success. Strengthen your market position by relying on our experience - today and in the future.”

New Milestone



The merger of the two companies creates a global specialist for sophisticated stamped parts and assemblies. In the new constellation, the group of companies is very well positioned to meet the requirements of the future and to serve its customers as a global partner with an exceptional portfolio of products and services.

Introduction of SAP S/4HANA

We successfully switched to SAP S4 Hana on 01.10.2023. With this new system, we are standardizing and optimizing our business processes and further expanding the connection to our business partners. Securely and with a higher degree of digitalization into the future.

Back to the future with Wöhrle

On 23.09.23, the Wöhrle team organized a great event at our site in Krautheim. On this day, our 100th anniversary event was made up for and at the same time our new hall with a new 1000 ton production line was inaugurated. The day was made into an unforgettable event with our employees and their families from all three locations.

Wöhrle invests 1,000to in the future

Wöhrle invests in a new 1,000to servo press with innovative technical functions and future-oriented equipment. For this purpose, 1,100m² of hall extension will be built and an additional factory entrance will be set up to improve the logistics processes. With this investment, we will be able to offer a wider range of products and thus cover many new requirements of electromobility.

Wöhrle Today

Today, Wöhrle is a leading manufacturer of high-quality stamped parts, drawn parts, assemblies, and tools with a commitment to outstanding precision and quality. With innovative products, processes, and comprehensive project expertise, Wöhrle is an international specialist in customer-specific solutions and a competent partner to the automotive industry, machine and plant engineering, and other technological areas.

Move to Šurany (Slovakia)

In 2013, the location moved to Šurany and into a newer, more attractive factory building that better fulfilled the needs of a modern production company. Thanks to its larger production area, the new location provided space for additional growth and outstanding opportunities for customers to optimise flows of materials according to the principles of streamlined production and logistical proximity.

Founding of the Factory in Nitra (Slovakia)

To be close to our customers producing products in Eastern Europe, Wöhrle founded the Nitra factory in September of 2004. This guaranteed short delivery pathways, low transportation costs, and fast, reliable, just-in-time delivery. 2,500 sqm production space allowed us to produce our full range of products in accordance with the same high quality standards we maintain at our German locations.

Founding of the Factory in Krautheim

Wöhrle founded a branch in Krautheim an der Jagst in April of 1958. Thankful that a large industrial company had moved to the area, bringing with it a large number of jobs for their region, the city of Krautheim provided the land the company needed for its expansion, allowing it to grow continuously and to increase its number of employees and its revenues.

Expansion of the Product Range

In addition to the washers they'd been producing for years, in 1948 Wöhrle began to produce blank processed, mill-finished, and conical pulleys, expanding its stamping, pressing, and drawing operations.
Erweiterung der Produktpalette


As orders increased, the company soon needed extra room and moved to Wildberg in the Calw district in the spring of 1934. The machine fleet was expanded, technological equipment improved, and the company's workforce grew to 50.

Inflation and Years of Crisis

Nach dem 1. Weltkrieg
As the only company left standing in southern Germany, after making it through years of crisis and inflation, Karl Wöhrle switched his full production capacity over to producing stamped washers following a request from a leading screw manufacturer.


Karl Wöhrle laid the cornerstone for the company as it stands today in 1921. He started producing small stamped parts of all kinds with just a few machines and a couple of employees in his own house in Sulgen near Schramberg.