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Compliance and Sustainability

At Wöhrle we are committed to implementing and upholding the rules and regulations on Sustainability and Compliance according to the guidelines of the Corporate Social Responsibility in compliance with 2014/95/EU as well as all legal and regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, we feel obliged to the Paris Agreement and thus working on reducing the CO2 Footprint given the technical and economical constraints.
Our self-commitment is codified in our Code of Conduct, which you can download from the designated area on our website. You can also contact our Compliance Manager to obtain further information or report discrepancies. The contact details you can find at the end of this chapter.

Such discrepancies are listed below (the list is not meant to be conclusive)
  • Newly recognised dangers, dangerous situations
  • Accidents, incidents, injuries as well as prevented incidents
  • Fires, deflagrations and explosions and smouldering fires respectively (including those extinguished or prevented by external persons and visitors),
  • Damages to the environment e.g. water- soil pollution, disregarding the waste management, theft, or unlawful disposal of (hazardous) materials
  • Unnecessarily high consumption of energy, gas, diesel or drinking water
  • Unusual stench such as from diesel fumes
  • Damage to goods, to the entrance gate, to the building or the fence if present, to containers and other such things
  • The loss or suspected loss of sensible data or confidential information,
  • Other unusual incidents or observations.
  • Knowledge on unlawful or unsanctioned behaviour in the supply chain
  • Unsanctioned behaviour by our employees and associates
  • Observed discrimination against or unsanctioned behaviour towards employees, visitors or uninitiated persons
The contact details of the Compliance Manager
Michael Emmelheinz

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +49 7054 9262 659

Furthermore, you may make good use of our Whistleblower System to report to us any message also anonymously.

We will process every message and report back to you within a short time frame if you chose to leave your contact details.