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Working at Wöhrle: More than just a job.

Many companies make it their motto - but at Wöhrle it is a reality: Working at Wöhrle means much more than just doing a job. It means: trust, appreciation and enjoyment. It means supporting each other. We work dynamically and at ground level, make decisions and tackle things together with enthusiasm. Colleagues become friends. We value community and cohesion at Wöhrle. Join the team and experience a very special corporate culture.

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Unsere Benefits: Anerkennung zeigen.

Our employees are important to us. They are the basis of our success. We know that work needs recognition. We have firmly anchored this principle into our operating system. A good work-life balance, professional equipment, comprehensive development opportunities and many other benefits are important tools for staying healthy and successful.
Employer-financed company pension and company pension scheme

(Christmas party, summer party, barbecue…)

Flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes
Flexible working hours

Individual development opportunities/ Promotion for further training

Vacation/Christmas bonus

Behind the scenes: What our employees say

“Our company's success has many faces. Become part of our team and perhaps your own success story will soon be written”.

Christian Thomas – Head of the punching shop, Krautheim

Christian Thomas

with Wöhrle in Krautheim since 01.09.2007

"There is no corporate thinking at Wöhrle. We think outside the box here”

Silvia Slamenková - HR Business Partner, Slowakei

Silvia Slamenková - HR Business Partner, Slowakei

with Wöhrle / Slovakia since 01.02.2018

"My motivation is that my daily work makes sense. It makes me happy when I can offer good working conditions and help to ensure that the employees are happy and satisfied."

Sven Helfrich - Quality Assurance,

Sven Helfrich - Quality Assurance, Wildberg

with Wöhrle in Wildberg since 01.05.2022

"Everyone looks after everyone. We are like one big family here. We take time for each other and always talk openly."

Alexander Kraft - Process Development, Wildberg

Alexander Kraft - Process Development, Wildberg

with Wöhrle in Wildberg since 01.09.2015
"As a young professional, I was given a lot of trust early on. I give Wöhrle a lot of credit for that."

Nicolas Rothenberg,

Nicolas Rothenberg

with Wöhrle in Wildberg since 01.09.2007
"We stick together, support each other. If there's a problem somewhere, the team is there immediately to help. I myself can always count on the others and we have fun doing it"

Christian Mischke - Head of Dispatch, Krautheim

Christian Mischke - Head of Dispatch, Krautheim

with Wöhrle in Krautheim since 01.08.2011

"The openness of management, plant managers and the teams; the flat hierarchies and the personal, respectful interaction between employees and company management makes a lot possible. It creates space for something new”.

Christian Thomas – Leitung Stanzerei, Krautheim

Christian Thomas

seit 01.09.2007 (16 Jahre) bei Wöhrle in Krautheim
„Bei Wöhrle gibt es kein Konzerndenken. Hier wird über den Tellerrand geschaut.“

Silvia Slamenková - HR Business Partner, Slowakei

Silvia Slamenková - HR Business Partner, Slowakei

seit 01.02.2018 (5 Jahre) bei Wöhrle / Slowakei

„Meine Motivation ist, dass meine tägliche Arbeit Sinn macht. Es macht mich glücklich, wenn ich gute Arbeitskonditionen bieten kann und dazu beitrage, dass die Mitarbeitenden hier glücklich und zufrieden sind.“

Sven Helfrich - Qualitätssicherung, Wildberg

Sven Helfrich - Qualitätssicherung, Wildberg

seit 01.05.2022 bei Wöhrle in Wildberg

„Jeder kümmert sich um jeden. Wir sind hier wie eine große Familie. Man nimmt sich Zeit füreinander und redet immer offen.“

Alexander Kraft - Prozessentwicklung, Wildberg

Alexander Kraft - Prozessentwicklung, Wildberg

seit 01.09.2015 bei Wöhrle in Wildberg
„Man hat mir als Berufsanfänger schon früh viel Vertrauen entgegengebracht. Das rechne ich Wöhrle hoch an.“

Nicolas Rothenberg - Werkzeugmechaniker, Wildberg

Nicolas Rothenberg

seit 01.09.2007 bei Wöhrle in Wildberg
„Wir halten zusammen, unterstützen uns gegenseitig – wenn es irgendwo klemmt, ist das Team sofort da und hilft. Ich selbst kann immer auf die Anderen zählen und wir haben Spaß dabei“

Christian Mischke - Leiter Versand, Krautheim

Christian Mischke - Leiter Versand, Krautheim

seit 01.08.2011 bei Wöhrle in Krautheim

„Die Offenheit der Geschäftsführung, der Werksleiter und der Teams, die flachen Hierarchien und der persönliche, wertschätzende Umgang von den Mitarbeitenden bis zur Unternehmensführung machen viel möglich. So entsteht Raum für Neues.“

Wöhrle in figures

Über 700






40.000 qm

Production and administration area

Over 100

Tools built annually

Over 300 Mio.

Stamped parts produced annually

Wöhrle: an excellent employer

We can only achieve our goals with satisfied, motivated employees. We work on this every day. We create an environment in which our employees feel comfortable and enjoy doing their job.

Wöhrle is a well recognised employer. Our awards are proof of this

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