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Wöhrle sponsors the "School Fruit" project

In the "School Fruit" project, children from a school or daycare center receive a fresh fruit and vegetable delivery once a week for a year and then learn about seasonal products from that region. The main target group is defined as children with special educational and social needs. Wöhrle is actively involved in the "School Fruit" project as a sponsor and supports schools by financing fruit and vegetable deliveries.


Wöhrle takes part in the "Mitmachen Ehrensache" campaign.

Young people independently find an employer of their choice and work there on International Volunteer Day. They give up their wages and donate the money to regionally selected "good causes". These are usually youth work projects selected by the young people themselves, but can also be charitable causes of any kind. The "Mitmachen Ehrensache" campaign day is aimed at pupils in year 7 and above at general and vocational schools in Baden-Württemberg. Wöhrle supports the "Mitmachen Ehrensache" campaign and provides several workplaces for the young people at the Wildberg and Krautheim sites.


Wöhrle gets involved in the environment

Youfirm, a tree is planted on controlled smallholder plots for every job advertisement published.

In 2024, we were able to plant 10 trees through the campaign with our job advertisements.