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    Už desaťročia patríme k popredným spoločnostiam v našom odvetví. Naša vízia: aktívne a s nadšením pomáhať našim zákazníkom pri rozvoji inovatívnych konceptov mobility a pohonov.

30.11.2023 - Wildberg (DE) / Jona (CH)

The merger of the two companies creates a global specialist for sophisticated stamped and assembled parts

Wöhrle Group, headquartered in Wildberg, Germany, has fully acquired Oskar Rüegg Holding AG, based in Jona (Switzerland), and its subsidiaries (Switzerland / Bulgaria / Mexico) as of 1 December 2023.

Founded in 1921, Wöhrle has successfully managed the transformation process to e-mobility at its sites in Germany and Slovakia in recent years. Oskar Rüegg, based in Switzerland since 1891, developed new markets in Bulgaria and Mexico.

Both companies specialize in the manufacturing of sophisticated stamped parts and assemblies and are established players in the industry. Additionally, they are capable to design and manufacture tools and prototypes in-house, which enables true development capabilities from design to serial maturity. Together, the expanded group of companies with six plants on two continents in Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Mexico offer a high-precision stamping capacities ranging from 50t to 2,000t presses and a wide range of post processing and assembly lines. Both companies realise revenues of around EUR 100 million in the automotive industry, mechanical and building industry and other sectors and complement each other perfectly. In the new constellation, the group of companies is very well positioned to meet the requirements of the future and to serve its customers as a global partner with an exceptional portfolio of products and services.

For further information please refer to www.woehrle.de or www.oskar-ruegg.com.



With innovative products and comprehensive process and project expertise, Wöhrle is one of the specialists for stamped, drawn, pressed and turned parts as well as for assembled parts and tools. With innovative solutions, passion, ambition and sustainability, engaged employees are working at three locations in two countries.


Oskar Rüegg is a traditional Swiss family-owned company with three plants in Europe and America. The production of sophisticated tools, stamped parts and the assembly of components represent the company's core competences. The cost-efficient realisation of the highest customer requirements has been the driving force behind the company since 1891.